13 July 2007

Weight Loss Program

Jenny, Sally, Peggy, and Alice all went through a weight loss diet program. Their combined weight loss after the program was equal to Sally's weight before the program. Jenny weight before the program was twice Peggy's weight after the program. The combined weight of Sally, Peggy and Alice before the program was four times Peggy's weight after the program. The combined weight of Jenny and Sally before the program was thrice Sally's weight after the program. Peggy and Alice both loss the same amount of pounds. Twice Sally's weight loss was equal to thrice Alice weight loss. Sally loss 20 pounds more than Peggy. The combined weight loss of Jenny and Sally is equal to 140 pounds.

What are the weights of Jenny, Sally, Peggy, and Alice before and after the weight loss program?


Bethany VH said...

Oh good heavens! These crazy problems make me cry! I hate them! Are you good at them?

roni said...

I'm terrible at them! I tried this one all morning. I figured out how much the first girl weighed before and how much the third girl weighed after, but I'll have to attack it again tomorrow...

'sposita said...

i haven't done algebra for a long time!

Peggy before: 170, after: 130
Jenny before: 260, after: 180
Sally before: 220, after: 160
Alice before: 130, after: 90

do i get a prize? it only took me half an hour! =) and i seriously hope that alice chick is under 5 feet tall.