06 April 2006


today we watched the final episode of 겨울연가. it was dreadfully intense, quite the emotional rollercoaster. for a while we thought we might hate the show by the end of the episode, but all turned out well. it still ended a little sad, maybe because of 준상 losing his sight, but also because the show is over and we had great cathexis in the show.

what now? well, next week I really will finish my tests (have to -- finals will be starting for "real" byu students, and I don't want to brave the testing center during all that madness), and then pack up to go home. actually, if I'm done by the 15th, I'll have two weeks to kill. I suppose I'll spend the first week up at the family history library, working on that hist 400 project, and then jarom's family will be here the last week of april. I wonder how things will go. will I be involved in "family" stuff, or am I just going to meet up friday night so we can drive back to california on saturday? hmm.

at any rate, I'll have some free time, although packing might take a lot of that. it's sad that I lost my job, but it will work out alright. I wish we had a piano so I could start learning "처음." I added it to my list of things I want to accomplish.

speaking of which, I should post that. the list will follow.

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