04 April 2006

another crossroads?

of course I know that I'm good at editing. that's why I chose to do an english major with an editing emphasis. but for some time now I've known that I don't see myself working as an editor for my career. what I'd rather do is be a mother, raising children. and I could do editing for fun, because I enjoy it.

but in the past few weeks I've wondered if I want to pursue the editing degree. sure, it makes everyone's writing look prettier, but does it really accomplish anything? I want to make a difference in the world. today I looked at the majors offered at byu, and the sociology major has less hours for the entire undergraduate program than I have to finish the english degree. could I do more good with the sociology degree? if what I want to do with my life is help people, wouldn't it be just as practical to do a sociology major as anything else?

and so I come to another crossroads. for the next while I'll be considering if I should change majors. granted, the point is somewhat moot, since I'm not a byu student right now and won't be until next january, and so I can't officially switch majors anyway. but it is something to consider.

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