10 June 2005


so, yeah. I'm sitting here with a "comfytray" in my mouth, and it isn't quite comfy. it's part of the rembrant 2-hour white kit. do you think it will work? I'm going to be optimistic on this one and say yes, it will work. some.

I also have wet hair. last time I bought hair dye I got a nice light brown, because that's the color I've been trying to get since november, but it always comes out with a red tint. no matter how un-red the dye is. anyway, I know there's a way around that -- take all the color out and then dye it light brown. but, I can't bleach it myself and I can't afford a salon. so I buy a box of hair dye every month or so, and yeah, it would've been cheaper by now to have gone to a salon in november. but I digress. last time I bought the light brown color, the bottle turned out to be...copper. shiny and shimmery copper. but of course, I stuck it on my hair anyway, and it's gone way redder than I ever wanted. recently. so I tried again today with a much calmer-looking dye, and now I'm gonna go dry my hair and see if it turned out at all.

wish me luck!

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