11 June 2005

I'm walking on sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine wooah
I'm walking on sunshine, wooah
and don't it feel good?

you get the idea. I was at nellie's reception earlier, and saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while. they all wanted to know how I am, how life is going. I told all of them I'm marvelous, wonderful, fabulous, life is beautiful. the other day when I talked to ryan, he said my voice sounded really different, and was trying to figure out why. finally he said, "I just think it's been a while since I heard you so absolutely happy. but it makes me really happy too." and now whenever I talk to him he says I still sound different, and I feel so glorious. definitely happy.

I didn't catch the bouquet. I was so close, I totally grabbed it first but there was too much backwards momentum and it fell into the claws of the girl behind me. bah. but, that's okay, I still am dancing all over the place. most of my dreams last night were about seeing jarom the first time after he's back. I wonder if I will ever stop having dream like that, even once he's home. and been home for a while.

it's funny; although I have no belief in "superstitions" or silly things like if you catch the bouquet you'll be the next to get married, I was really hoping to catch it anyway...so I'd have some sort of grounding for the hope that I'll get married before very much longer? why? maybe I should relax a bit. a lot. I hope I don't scare poor jarom to death. and I hope that he isn't coming home and thinking, "oh great, now I've gotta deal with this whole mika situation. what on earth did I get myself into?!" but life will go on, with or without jarom, and in the end things will still be fantastic.

okay, here I go to dance around my room some more.

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