13 July 2009

$25 Lu Kels boutique Giveaway

You might have heard about the drama of finding a church outfit for the Bwun to wear when we had family coming into town. It took hours and in the end I settled for a button-up sweater and some corduroys. Cute, but I really had a collared shirt and slacks in mind - surely somebody makes those for boys under 1yr? There are girls dresses (adorable ones) up the wazoo, you know, but finding nice boys' clothes is a hassle. A big hassle.

But...ba-da! I found some! Check out Lu Kels Boutique, which has not only boys' clothes I love but also everything from handbags to hats to handmade flower clips. And right now, Etsy It Up! is having a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate to Lu Kels Boutique. You can enter here until July 20 (my birthday!).

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