03 July 2007


Ok, so I really thought so more - seriously, there is nothing to do here at work - and I decided that it isn't that big of a deal if I can't finish eliminating wedding photos right now. Mostly I got to thinking about how Jarom and I made a lot of new (but reasonable) goals yesterday, and while Keeping Perspective was not one of them, I should probably work on it a lot.

When it comes down to it, I am incredibly happy to have married my best friend in the temple, and anything else is just bonus. I got to have a fabulous dress and everyone paid attention to me and there were flowers, and presents, and cake, plus a photographer that took amazing pictures which all have to be paid for individually. I can deal with this. Life is still good.

Just wanted you to know. : )

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Bethany VH said...

Thats a good attitude and goal. Good Luck to you. Hope your day gets less boring at work. Where do you work? You can e-mail me about it. You don't have to leave a comment on either of our blogs.