02 April 2007

bombay house

to celebrate with jarom's birthday money, we treated ourselves to dinner at bombay house in downtown provo.

this is one of our favorite restaurants. every time we've eaten there we regret being too full to finish our food, but secretly delighted that there will be leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I don't typically like leftovers of any sort - but I'd probably eat chicken saag just for leftovers if I couldn't have it for dinner. tonight jarom got the lamb coconut kurma and I fell back on the tried-and-true chicken saag. and this is possibly the most contented full feeling I've ever had.

I'll sleep well, knowing that tomorrow there is more of that delicious food. even though it looks like something from a baby's diaper.


'sposita said...

I'm so jealous. That was a place we always planned to go, but never went. Next time I'm there, drag me by the hair and force feed me - even if I mention it looks like baby poopy.

Jack Quimby said...

I went there with my brothers after priesthood this saturday. We got some thing with a weird name that was pretty much just spinach and potatos and it looked just like something from Josephine's diaper so I opted for some of the other choices.