19 March 2005

dear your name here,

so the other night (thursday night, I believe) jacopo and I made a pact à la my best friend's wedding: if neither of us is married by the time he's 28 and I'm 25, we'll marry each other.

it really is an unlikely thing, I think, which was probably the point of making it. we've talked before about how we really could be happy together, but we also both agree that there are other people out there with whom each of us could be happy. case in point: I want to see where things will go with jarom. and jacopo had shelli and vanessa to see about. I say "had" mostly in regards to shelli -- yesterday jacopo had a long talk with her. he said he felt like it was unfair to her for him to keep making their relationship so on-again-off-again, and even though he loves her, he isn't in love with her. he knows he's been hurting her by not being able to make a strong committment, and told her that although he really wants her to stay, she should just walk away. so she did. for good. I know it killed jacopo to have to do that, but wasn't it awfully... can't think of the word... sweet? honorable? considerate? he probably doesn't think of it as being any of those things. but he was putting shelli's feelings above his own, in a way I don't know that he ever has before.

today, though, he'll go see vanessa. I have no idea how that will go. it's interesting -- brooke is the one I would have picked for him a few weeks ago, until mary was so accepting and understanding and supportive of him trying to figure out his feelings for brooke. then I was like, oh c'mon, pick mary for sure. well, it doesn't look like that's an option. the thing I'm uneasy about is the mika nonsense in all this. the "you spent too much time with her" blah-blah-blah vanessa pulled after she and jacopo broke up. or was it "you still had feelings for her"? I can't remember. the point is, if she wasn't ok with us being friends before, I highly doubt she's going to be ok with it now. especially since jacopo and I have gotten a million times closer since then. (maybe that's an exaggeration.) anyway, I wish him luck, although I kind of think nothing will come out of it. except maybe a confirmation that vanessa isn't the one for him.

kendy loved the evenstar necklace I got her. it's always nice to make someone smile. oh, and I mailed off jacopo's package. 12 lbs. dang, that's quite a package! a 2-lb. bag of reeses pieces, 2 bags of sour skittles, 2 boxes of little debbie nutty bars, a 1-lb. bag of pistachios (I bought two but kept the other to send after he finishes the first), a box of quaker ohs!, 3 rubber ducks dressed up as pirates, a little lego set with a pirate on a raft (he looked just like my pirate), and a brand-new copy of shall we dance. it seems like there was more, maybe I'll remember later. anyhow, it was so exciting to send. should be there on tuesday and I can't wait.

more later,
sincerely, me.

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