04 January 2004

Anne of the Island

by L.M. Montgomery

Christmas break was much more enjoyable with Anne's company. My family came out to Utah for the holidays, but I spent a lot of time alone reading after they left. It was great to wake up and see the world covered in white, and sit inside with a warm blanket, hot chocolate, and Anne.

Lately I've wondered if maybe my ideas of romance and love are as lofty and ridiculous as Anne's. It seems like what I've been wanting all along was a deep friendship that's grown into love, and I didn't recognize it as being so valuable because I kept thinking love was so...romantic. And I think Anne of the Island helped. Of course, now I want to watch the movies...too bad I don't have them...

Rating: Maybe my favorite so far of the Anne books. Read it if you've read the first two.

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